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Confidence ● Health ● Attitude ● Motivation ● Potential ● Success

           Training young people to be Champions in Life  

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Jerry's C.H.A.M.P.S. is a high energy, out of your comfort zone, self-development workshop that inspires and motivates young people to access their inner Champion and discover and utilize their gifts, talents, and abilities.  It is designed to create a mindset that brings out the best in your child.  


"Jerry has a natural ability to connect with young people, I’ve never seen anything like it.  When he walks into the room he becomes the alpha dog and all the young people look up to him.  Jerry talks about doing whatever you want to do and  being successful at it, if you believe it, you will see it and you will achieve it.” - Jimmy Crescenzo

Teacher and Founder of East End Boys Club.

Templeton Secondary School.  Vancouver B.C.


During the workshops, Jerry incorporates activities and exercises from his life experiences, aimed at boosting confidence and motivation.

Unleashing your student's unlimited potential!



Workshop exercises and topics include…



Students will learn and understand the importance of nurturing their most valuable asset, the brain. They will have fun building a stronger, more focused, and disciplined mindset through Meditation, Visualization, and Memory and focus exercises.  

"Control the focus of your mind, and you control your life."   


JOURNALING.  INTENTION.  GOAL SETTING. Students will engage in exercises that will expand creativity, self-love, and awareness along with the realization that anything is possible.    

“Knowing yourself is the ultimate achievement in life.”



Gratitude and Compassion are two of the greatest gifts we have.

Students will know the importance of paying it forward and being grateful. They will discover ways of paying it forward.

"When you do good, good comes to you."   



Jerry uses his 47 years of experience to teach students how to strengthen their Resilience, Discipline, Courage, Focus, and Self-Control in order to build an Indomitable Spirit. 




Jerry Trimble will inspire your students to not settle for less than their best. 


Your students will learn how to create a strong mindset. 


Your students will learn how to set and accomplish their goals and dreams.  


Your students will learn the importance of fitness for a stronger body and mind.