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Jerry Trimble

Trimble Talks

Jerry's pre-presentation introduction to students

Jerry Trimble is a 6th-degree black belt, two-time World Kickboxing Champion, professional Actor, and Stuntman who's worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has used his life experiences to inspire and motivate youth since 1976. ​

As a kid, Jerry was bullied frequently, battled depression and anxiety, and even contemplated suicide. At 14, he was inspired by Bruce Lee, and began training in Tae Kwon Do, and the bullying ended. At 15, he became a black belt and one of the top teenage competitors in the U.S. He started teaching and realized his purpose in life. These step-by-step achievements fueled a drive to take charge of his life and go after his dreams. At 19, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue the World Championship. After winning the Kentucky, Georgia, Southeast, and U.S. titles, at 24 years old, Jerry became the World Kickboxing Champion and was rated as one of the flashiest fighters and fastest kickers in the sport. But, with newfound fame came battles and temptations that were too difficult for him to overcome. He survived a drug overdose and had an epiphany; that saved his life. 

He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream in the entertainment business and his passion for working with youth. Jerry shares his story with students across the U.S. and Canada so they can learn from his successes and failures and be inspired to live their dreams. 

For more information about Jerry, click on link below. 

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