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Jerry Trimble

Trimble Talks

Jerry's pre-presentation introduction to students

Jerry Trimble is not your ordinary person. He's a 6th-degree black belt, two-time World Kickboxing Champion, Hall of Famer, professional Actor, and Stuntman who has worked alongside Hollywood's biggest names.


But Jerry didn't start this way. In fact, as a kid, Jerry was bullied, battled depression, anxiety, and even contemplated suicide. It wasn't until he saw Bruce Lee in The Chinese Connection that things started to change. At 14, Jerry began training in Tae Kwon Do, soon realizing that martial arts was his calling. By the time Jerry was 15, he had become a black belt and one of the top teenage competitors in the U.S. 

Not only did Jerry become an accomplished instructor, but he also discovered that his purpose was to motivate and inspire others to be their best.


His life was a testament to the Taekwon-do tenants of courtesy, integrity, perseverance,

self-control and indomitable spirit.

It wasn't an easy journey, but Jerry's dedication to martial arts drove him to achieve new heights. He implemented the principles of Taekwon-do into his life, which helped him to develop more discipline and willpower. Jerry's hard work and dedication paid off when, at just 19 years old, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to become the World Kickboxing Champion and the fastest kicker on the planet. 


He won the Kentucky, Georgia, Southeast, and U.S. titles before attaining his dream and becoming The World Kickboxing Champion. Jerry's success came with newfound fame, and he enjoyed every bit of it. They called him The Golden Boy, and he became known as one of the sport's flashiest fighters and fastest kickers. 


However, his success took a dark turn. His lifestyle and reputation got out of control with partying, drugs, anger, and violence. Jerry's ego took over, and he forgot the principles he had once learned. Jerry hit rock bottom when he survived a drug overdose and had an epiphany that changed his life.


He moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue his dream of acting and his passion for inspiring and motivating youth. 


Today, Jerry shares his journey with youth across the U.S. and Canada, inspiring them to discover their true potential, live their dreams, and be their best.

Jerry Trimble's story is one of resilience, triumph, and inspiration.

For more information about Jerry, click on link below. 

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