Jerry Trimble

Trimble Talks

Jerry Trimble gives an Anti-Bullying Seminar in Alberta, Canada


                                                                                                    Jerry was a shy, insecure, fearful, bullied teenager from Newport, Ky. who had low self-esteem.  Wanting to fit in, he tried sports, and after letting fear and bullying get the best of him, he ultimately quit every sport he tried and eventually quitting on himself. 


It wasn't until Jerry discovered Bruce Lee when everything changed.  His parents enrolled him in a Taekwon-Do school.  Jerry found something he was interested in and put his all into it.  He quickly moved up the belt rankings, finding as he excelled his confidence grew, and the bullying ended.  He realized it wasn’t about self-defense; it was about discipline, getting out of his comfort zone, setting goals, and not giving up.  

These step-by-step routines fueled a drive that propelled him to take charge of his life, find his purpose, and pursue his dreams.   


When Jerry graduated high school, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his dream of becoming the World Kickboxing Champion and one of the fastest kickers in the world.  In rapid succession, he won a string of Championships that included the Kentucky, Georgia, Southeast, and U.S. titles.  All his dedication led him to the competition on April 26, 1986, when Jerry "Golden Boy" Trimble became the World Kickboxing Champion, and the international kickboxing media recognized him as one of the fastest kickers in the world.  At 28, Jerry retired from the ring as a two-time World Kickboxing Champion and moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue his dream of being in the movies.  Jerry has been in over 55 feature films and TV shows, working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. 



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