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Trimble Talks

Jimmy Crescenzo

Teacher and Founder of East End Boys Club.

Vancouver B.C.

Jerry has a natural ability to connect with young people; I've never seen anything like it. When he walks into the room, he becomes the alpha dog, and all the young people look up to him. Jerry talks about doing whatever you want to do and being successful at it; if you believe it, you will see it, and you will achieve it.

Mark Baird and Michelle Neufeld

Vancouver Police Department, Cadets Program

Vancouver, B.C.

The VPD Cadet Program had the privilege of hosting Jerry Trimble on one of our weekly Cadet Saturdays, and we were not disappointed.  Jerry kicked it off with an energy that had our cadets engaged from the get-go.  He delivered countless pieces of invaluable advice that if applied, will help our cadets shape their success.  He was open about his challenges in life and did not shy from sharing the important details, to which many of our cadets could relate.  The messages relayed by Jerry were of great worth, regardless of age, rage, or social status.  He included an active portion to his session where the cadets got physically engaged and turned things up a notch.  The response from the group was a resounding “Yes, we loved having Jerry and want him to come back.”  What Jerry teaches is on point with all of the values we try to instill in our cadets throughout our 9-month program, and we look forward to having him back for Part 2!


Damian Wilmann

Principal, John Oliver Secondary School

Vancouver, B.C. 

I thoroughly recommend Jerry Trimble as a motivational and inspirational speaker who brings his own story to life and very effectively connects and inspires others to create their own journeys and to overcome adversity through positive action.


Tonya Slone

Family Resource Youth Service Center

Campbell County Middle School

Alexandria, Kentucky

“Thank You” Mr. Trimble for coming to our school and speaking to our middle schoolers!  The students were in shock with the “STAR” that was standing before them.   They were inspired with your remarkable personal story of overcoming adversity, embracing personal responsibility and emerging despite the roadblocks in your way.  You were transparent with them with a bigger purpose in mind.  You wanted to see them learn from your mistakes so they didn’t have to go through the same thing! That’s someone who really cares about our youth! But, you have a big heart for teaching kids and helping to change their behavior by changing their heart!  With all of your life experiences, one would really think you were a big, bad dude 😬 but then you open your mouth and you’re so compassionate toward others!  I am so thankful our students could see that in your presentation.  Thank you for all you do!!  Keep up the good work!!


Dr. Alisa Wolf

Executive Director/Founder, Actors for Autism

Glendale, California

Jerry has an infectious personality that really moved, touched, and inspired our students. The information he gave them set them in motion and we saw visible areas of improvement in their attention, performance, and action steps toward improving themselves.  


Dr. Lois Lee

President, Children of the Night    

Van Nuys, California

Jerry's devotion, knowledge skills, and talent touched and enriched the lives of our children.


Barry Leonard

President, L.A.P.D. Jeopardy, Anti-Gang Program

Van Nuys, California

I have watched Jerry work tirelessly helping at-risk youth. Jerry is one of the most positive people I've met.


Diane E. Cordingley

Teacher, Franklin Elementary School  

Pasadena, California

Jerry was very successful in capturing the students' attention and imagination.  His energy and sincere concern are very appealing to all children, especially those with low self-esteem.  My students were thrilled by Mr. Trimble's visit and are making great efforts to embody the standards to which he aspires.


Kate Elizabeth Cage

Chemical Dependency Counselor, Ridgeview Institute Smyrna, Georgia

Jerry spoke very positively concerning setting goals and achieving them and the importance of this.  I recommend Mr. Trimble very highly to speak to any group of adolescents. 


Kelly Stone

Executive Director, Planet Hope  

Santa Monica, California

"Jerry's presence at our camp was an encouragement to all the mothers and their children.  The families will never forget the investment he made in their lives."


Ria M. Cifer

Ph.D. Parent  

Beverly Hills,  California 

Ever since my son has worked with Jerry there have been significant changes in his outlook on life.  His anger toward other people decreased, a general kindness paired with an increased tolerance toward others became evident in his behavior, and he started to attend more to school.


Mario Frohne


Sherman Oaks, California

This extraordinary individual instills in the children the importance of discipline and concentration and in general, being a good person.


Kenton County Detention Center Inmate

Covington, Kentucky

I was incarcerated in the Kenton County Jail last January 2018 and was in the substance abuse program when you came and spoke, I wanted to tell you that listening to what you had to say had a tremendous impact on me.  It kinda started with how you said make a goal and say it.  I started with a goal from that day that I still am currently accomplishing I will never touch heroin again.  You really kinda sparked a fire with me, I have a full-time job that's been going great along with a few other goals I'm working towards.  I wanted to say thank you and good job,  that day you made an extremely positive impact on at least one life that day.  Thank you, Jerry.


Jerry Trimble and East End Boys Club Jimmy Crescenzo
Youth Inspiration
Youth Inspiration
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