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Trimble Talks

Jerry Trimble Empowers students.

 ​I. Keynote Speech with Q & A:
Jerry's story comes to life as he shares his journey from a bullied kid in the small town of Newport, Kentucky, to becoming a world kickboxing champion, a professional actor, and a stuntman. In his presentation, he'll discuss the successes, failures, and lessons that paved the way toward achieving his goals and realizing his dreams. Your students will learn the tools that empowered Jerry to overcome adversities and find the courage and strength to believe in himself. This interactive and entertaining presentation will encourage students to move beyond their comfort zones and recognize their true potential while being motivated to become their most prominent advocates.  

Jerry Trimble teaches his motivating workshop to students
II. The Champion Mindset Workshop

Jerry will help young people cultivate a strong, positive mindset and realize their potential, regardless of their challenges. He uses high-energy activities and exercises to help them develop the habits and mindset to be a champion in life. By learning to build a resilient attitude and tackle challenges head-on, they'll open up a world of possibilities and boost their self-esteem and confidence. They will feel motivated and inspired.    

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